Increased Efficiencies

Reduced number of parts and fastners allow for faster air worthiness inspections. Poly body available in colors for easy identification and increased operations efficiency.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Granger's innovative design and hybrid construction offer reduced tare weights and significantly reduced maintenance expenses, combining for lowest total cost of ownership.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Featuring reductions in maintenance occurences, reduced maintenance parts inventory and faster repairs to keep your containers in service, Granger ULDs offer savings.

Keep your Air Craft Containers in service longer!

With reduced maintenance occurences & costs with Granger Aerospace ULD Containers

Single Piece Polymer Air Cargo Container Shell, Air Craft Container Shell

Single Piece Polymer Shell

Innovative constructionoffering a durable, single piece poly shell, reducing repairs and damages in handling and loading.

ULD Tare Weight, Air Cargo Container Tare Weight, Air Craft Container Tare Weights

Reduced Tare Weights

The hybrid construction of the Granger Air Cargo Containers offers reduced tare weights, offering additional savings in fuel consumption.

UV Protected ULD Container, UV protected Air Craft Container

UV Protected Body

The polymer body of the Granger Air Craft Containers is molded from certified prime virgin polyethylene featuring UV protection.

Air Cargo Container Base, Air Freight Container Base, ULD Container Base

High Strength Aluminum Base

Granger's Aluminum base perfectly complements the rugged, rotomolded body construction.

Which container does your airline fly?

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